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Elektra 43

Elektra 43 - product description

Homogenous, static-conductive flooring material with PUR Reinforced surface treatment for enhanced wear resistance and easy cleaning. Its conductive properties come from embedded carbon-black particles and a carbon backing. Installation requires only standard flooring adhesive, as opposed to the conductive adhesive necessary for tiles and copper strips. Elektra 43 has a non-directional design available in 9 colors. Applications include the electronic and petrochemical industries, operating theatres, computer rooms, clean rooms and similar areas.

  • Static-conductive flooring
  • Suitable for sensitive environments requiring static-electric protection
  • Electrical resistance of 5x104 to 106 Ohms
  • PUR Reinforced surface treatment.
  • Non-directional design available in 9 colors.
  • Available in sheets and tiles.
Technical documentation
Available colours

Technical features Standards Elektra 43
Type of floor covering ISO 10581 Static conductive pressed homogeneous vinyl flooring.
Type I.
Classification ISO 10581 (EN 649)  
Commercial: 34
Industrial: 43
Total thickness ISO 24346 – EN 428 2.0 mm
Wear layer thickness ISO 24340 – EN 429 2.0 mm
Total weight//m² ISO 23997 – EN 430 3000 g/m2
Surface treatmenti - PUR Reinforced

  • To protect a floor from dirt use doormats in an entrance hall.
  • Floor coverings should be protected against organic solvents.
  • Floor coverings should be protected against coloured rubber objects, e.g. protection for chairs or other furniture - contact with such objects may lead to permanent discoloration.
  • Floor coverings should be protected against colouring substances – in the case of contact with such substances, they should be immediately removed from the surface to avoid discoloration.

Homogeneous vinyl flooring